Give up fags - the officially fun way of giving up fags forever!

This official smoking humour web site is dedicated to helping you kick the habit of a lifetime without taking itself seriously in any way.

If you're looking for a light-hearted way to give up smoking, this website truly does not even nearly not contain any false but truly achievable tips, tricks and targets to help you stop smoking and give up fags! We think!

What do you mean by "fags"? Are you talking to me? 

Give up fags is all about learning how to stop smoking. The term 'fags' has some rather uncomfortable connotations, particularly from the US side of things - but in Britain and many other places, a fag is another word for a cigarette.

This web site is dedicated to articles and messages all dedicated to help you find ways to give up fags and get yourself into a healthier, fitter and happier state. If you're concerned that giving up cigarettes won't do any of those things for you - let us be the first to say: you're wrong. It will do all of those things and more - trust us. Some say that giving up cigarettes is the hardest thing you'll ever do, but that's only because you've never tried to beat the world record for the number of ping-pong balls you can stuff up your nose.

It will be a battle and giving up cigarettes is never an easy process, but the results are not only attainable but you'll get a real buzz out of it. But probably not as big a buzz as you'd get from sparking up. Ah well.

Find out more about this fun, light hearted and satisfying way of giving up smoking, humorously:

This monkey is smoking Yes, I'd say this ape was smoking - even if he doesn't have a cigarette.

How do cigarettes work? What do they do?

Cigarettes are wily little devils. The active 'ingredients' that make you feel anything from smoking them is from the tobacco within the cigarette, although they are many other urban-legend style tales of chemicals put into the cigarettes for other purposes. For example: to make cigarettes 'light' or 'low tar' - some suggest the companies add teeny-tiny shards of glass, or perhaps even helium. That last was a joke. No, you're right, it wasn't funny.

What's in Tobacco?

The tobacco you know of is from the leaf of the plant of the same name, and when dried the inhaled substances you get from smoking it are absorbed into the body through the alveoli in the lungs (they are the tiny pathways inside the lungs that transport chemicals, including oxygen, into the bloodstream). The element inside tobacco that concerns us most is the substance called nicotine. No doubt you've heard of that? Nicotine is what most smokers (and everyone else) associate with the addiction of smoking. However, most recent science suggest it is the natural release of dopamine in the body during nicotinic stimulation that is actually the addicting quality that most feel. So really, it's your own fault. Hmm...

Although many suggest that the addiction comes from the act of smoking, rather than the substance, it is generally agreed that without tobacco the addiction would be nil. Many other people believe in a fictional character called God, who has the same believability factor as pixies, and has provided us with just as much evidence as to its existence.